It’s been a while…

Well, I noticed it has been a long time since my last post (understatement… I know) so I decided to update on what’s going on in my life.

I am still working at Mikado Restaurant, but have been cut back to three days which really stinks. I have also become a Pampered Chef Representative, which I really enjoy to an extent but have found it kind of sad to realize who is here to support me and who’s not. I have been on a massive job hunt for quite a while… basically since graduating this past May and it hasn’t gone too well.

I really enjoy working at the restaurant because I love the interaction I get with people on a daily basis, but I am ready for a “more challenging” job and one where I have a more steady income and insurance would be nice as well. I love to work and be busy, and since I don’t have much of a social life working a lot is not a problem, or wouldn’t be if I could find a job to work at. Since Stevie and I are both out of school now and I have already had to start paying loans back not to mention all my other bills I have expanded my search to… ANYWHERE 🙂

I will do my best to keep updating!




It has been a while since i have written anything… sorry! Update, Senior show has come and gone and it went fabulously! my talk that i was very nervous about went really good. My parents didnt make it up but they cam up the following weekend and Ruth Grover (Cress Gallery curator) so kindly let me show them my piece. Susan, her daughter Kasey and her friend Miranda came and looked in the gallery opening night and they are like my second family so it was nice to have someone there.

Today has been so exciting… My cousin Rachel and I ran the Music City 1/2 Marathon this morning and I don’t know my official time yet, but i am almost positive i beat my time from last year. I am sore, but feeling good… if that makes since.

This coming week…

I took all week off at work at the restaurant so that I can focus on everything else going on. We have Portfolio reviews this Tuesday and then 826 project to set up on Thursday. My Family will start coming in town Friday for my graduation party Saturday and Graduation on Sunday. So much to do, but so exciting. I have a wonderful Family, Boyfriend and Friends that support me in all my endeavors.


Today started off a little stressful, then got better now it just isn’t good. I woke up at 7:50 am and have 8 am class (needless to say, I was late). Once I got to school everything was going fine and I even went with Lauren, Natalie and Tara to Greenlife to get lunch. It was once I got back to school that everything started going down hill. It started by me needing to print something and not being able to find my school ID that I just had about 2 hours earlier (which I still haven’t found). Then I was sitting here working on one of my artist statements and just started crying because I started thinking about the show opening and how great it is that everyones family is going to be there in support of them… well, everyone but mine because my family live 5 1/2 hours away and can’t miss work and my boyfriend lives 3 hours away and has class until 5:30 so even if he did come down he wouldn’t get here until it was over. I understand why they cant be here, but it is still depressing to think I am going to be there all alone. I know I should be doing this more for myself and I should be excited about graduating and showing the world (or at least everyone that comes in the gallery) some of my work and what I can do. My parents are going to come up that following weekend which I am excited about, but it still stinks not to have anyone there for me opening night. Enough venting for now, I need to get back to work on this artist statement.


Starting the day off in a good mood is always so enjoyable. Eventhough I am only going on two hours of sleep, I am in such a good mood. I am thinking it is because I had a good day yesterday and for the first time since I got my wisdom teeth out friday I am not in pain.

Yesterday in one of my classes we had visiting artist Chris Scarborough come in and speak. I always enjoy hearing the process other artists take on there journey of living as an artist; it is so reassuring to hear the ups and downs and not have people being totally negative or even the opposite by sugar coating everything and making it sound so easy and perfect. I wish we had more then an hour to spend with him because I was really enjoying the conversation.

After I left that class I headed straight over to my water Aerobics class where it was my groups turn to perform our synchronized swimming routine. I was excited because it actually went pretty good. Other then one of our group members not being able to perform with us because he did not show up to any of the practices and then showed up right when class started, wanting us to “explain” to him what he needed to do. Always have to have a little drama!

Last night I got “stuck” at work 2.5 hours after we closed because I had two large tables that came into the restaurant shortly before we closed and as much as I wanted to go home I was also okay with it because we had been fairly dead all night so that actually allowed me to make a little money!

After work I went over to a friend of mines house and decorated a cake for her. That is one thing I used to do all the time, and really miss but one of these days I am going to go take some more cake decorating classes, or at least spend some time practicing and maybe even attempt fondant.

Now that yesterday was so good and even though it is only 7:20am, I have been up since about 4 and so far it has been a really good day. I am going to be working on my Portfolio, Resume and business cards and later I am going to go play Tennis (I am not very good yet, but I am learning and I really enjoy it).


Tonight was the gallery opening and talks for show one of the Senior thesis projects. Everyone did such and amazing job both on there projects as well as presenting. It will be my turn in two weeks and let me just say yall set the standards high! It was great to see so many people come out and support the Seniors that presented tonight. There were several familiar as well as unfamiliar faces there and it made me excited, nervous and a little sad that mine is in two weeks. well, not sad that mine is in two weeks, just sad that my wonderful boyfriend and family will not be able to attend mine since they all live anywhere from 3-6+ hours away and it is a tuesday night. I am very blessed to have such a strong support group even if they are not able to attend, I know they are always here for me.

My project has changed a bit from my original plan, I am now focusing more on the video aspect rather than the piece as an installation in the gallery. I am very excited about it, just have a few more changes so that I feel 100% about it.

stressed and in pain… not a good combination!

I have got so much to do, unfortunately I am not in the proper state to get them done. I got three wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and am a bit swollen and in a lot of pain. Good news I thought all three were getting cut out, but it turns out only the bottom right was cut out and the top two just had to be pulled. I am wanting to go into school and get some work done but I know that wont be happening because I cant drive and my mom is here with me and I know she is going to make sure I am well rested before she leaves! well, I guess I need to get off here and go get some rest because I am going to have a lot to do in these up coming weeks!



Tired of working all the time and barley making enough money to cover my bills. How am I supposed to pay of a Credit Card when I can barley afford the minimum payment.

Currently, I am sitting in the art building working on my Senior project and completely stressed because I feel like I have just been slapped in the face with the realization that I graduate in a little over a month and I don’t know if my plans are going to work out how I hoped. Only time will tell, but for now I must focus on graduating.

AIGA Student Conference (Nashville, TN)

Just got back from the AIGA conference and eating. Listened to Stanley Hainsworth speak and enjoyed every minute of it. When I left his talk, I was in such a good mood and ready to go home and get to work. He was such a good motivator and let me just say I am SO excited for tomorrow. It is now time to get some sleep!

It’s been a while!

WOW… so it has definitely been a while since the last time i was on here. So, here it goes; I am now in my last semester before graduating from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Talk about mixed emotions, I am excited to graduate and move on with my life, but nervous and scared at the same time. What if my “plans” don’t work out, then what. Should i risk it or try to find a more “stable” path. With the economy the way it is right now, is a stable path even possible to find? maybe I should just stay in school…nah (at least not for now). So much going on, but I am so excited because I am about to leave for Nashville, TN for the AIGA conference. who knows, maybe i will be forced to break out of my introverted self and something positive will come of it.


We have gone on several field trips, pulled all nighters, worked hard, worked together and the ultimate reward is finally here! I feel that this project has made everyone of us at least a little bit smarter and a little bit closer. Within doing this project I learned so much more about the options of buying local. I think it isn’t that people don’t want to support local farms, stores, restaurants and so on, but they don’t know how to go about doing so, or even that it was an option here in Chattanooga, at least until now.
It is finally that time! We are getting the word out about buying local. After 4 months of hard work from Crabtree farms, Leadership Chattanooga, UTC Graphic Design students and professor Leslie Jensen-Inman. The TastBuds Guide will be available to the public tomorrow at 11am. That is when the Press Release will be held at Crabtree Farms.
After months of staying busy trying to make this perfect for you, we finally did it! The TasteBuds Guide is your new way to “Savor Local Flavor” you and your buddy can pick up your guide tomorrow and find a local restaurant to go eat at, or a local farm to buy from. There are so many options to buying local, and so many different places that are here to support our local community. I am so excited to be a part of this and help spread the word about buying local.

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